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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization offers our clients a range of specialist search engine optimization services, focusing on marketing your business web site through both offline and online mediums.

- Keyword Research
We use a range of SEO tools to research the key words being used by search engine users to find your business: and so ensure that you are concentrating your efforts on the right words & phrases. We consider following details while researching keyword.
Keyword Density, Prominence, Proximity, Placement, Frequency, Repetition | Spamming, Geographies etc. We access your competitors in search engine result pages & analyze how they are ranking in on search engines.

- Offline Page Optimization
We implement optimization based on results of our keyword research & page analysis in areas such as:
Meta Data, Alt tags Creation, Keyword Placement, Heading Tags, Anchor Text & links, Creating Robots file etc.

- Onilne Page Optimization
Regular submissions to search engines is important. (Google, Yahoo, MSN, All the Web, Altavista & Other Search Engine etc.)
Submit the website to major web directories in the particular category (DOMZ, Yahoo, Google & Other Directories)

We generally work for top 20 placements for at least 10 keywords. However we reserve the right to defer the guarantee for certain industry websites at the time of acceptance of order. Process Chart - Click Here

Customer Reports

- Submission Report
Details of Page Optimization : List of Search Engine, Directories & Other link (Searching & Submission)
Thank you, message screens confirming submission requests

- Monthly Reports
Confirmation link listing the URL & Screen Shots if available
Website Listing Report for Google / Yahoo / MSN & all major search engines

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